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Ask about our navel to knee skincare services in Boise, ID

Do you need help down there? We know how uncomfortable it can be to ask for help. But you don't have to worry with RKY Spa. We provide a variety of navel to knee spa treatments for men and women in Boise, ID. You'll find solutions for painful zits, deep scarring or stretch marks at RKY Spa.

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Details about our spa services

RKY Spa is known throughout the Boise, ID area for quality skincare services. If you need help with the health and beauty needs of the areas between your navel and knees, choose us. We offer different packages-Bucket List for men and Fresh As a Daisy for women-that include:

  • Skin examinations for zits and scars
  • Restorative treatments for scars and stretch marks
  • Hot towel treatments
  • Suction treatments
  • Steaming treatments
Are you pregnant? We'll tailor our services to make sure you're comfortable.

Want more details about our male and female spa treatments? Contact RKY Spa today.