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Sometimes soap and water aren't enough to truly clean your face. If you want a deep clean or facial hair grooming services, turn to RKY Spa. We offer a variety of unique facials for men and women. Whether you're dealing with acne scarring or your eyebrows need some work, you can trust the professionals at our facial spa in Boise, ID to help. Your face will glow like never before.

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Enjoy better facials at RKY Spa

Many men and women choose RKY Spa in Boise, ID for facials. You should, too. We make it easy to get quality service for a price that fits your budget. Some of our top services include:

  • Waxing, tinting and suction cleaning for women
  • Facial tweezing, beard grooming and shaving for men
  • Specialized eye, hand and hair treatments
All services at our facial spa in Boise, ID can be customized to fit your health and beauty needs. Contact RKY Spa today to schedule your facials.